Since its first networking session held in August of 1987, LPN has looked to support Latino professionals and to create visibility of the growing Latino population of Massachusetts. For more than 15 years, the LPN stood as a beacon for the Latino Professional Community to unite and do good in our community.




In 2018, Buzz Advertising and Marketing Group relaunches the LPN name with an expanded vision to unify the community it serves. Going forward, the all new LPN seeks to harness the skills, resources and passion of Latino movers and shakers to inspire the next generation of leaders and support the community at large.


The Latino Professional Network is taking an active role to inspire our network of Professionals to take their lives to a greater level. LPN does this by hosting monthly events where where attendees can learn about new technologies. Or LPN might have an expert speak at one of Networking Mixer and teach attendees how they might improve a facet of their lives.


The Latino Professional Network isn't just a network of professionals, but a network of networks, It's hope to be able to support and uplift other community organizations that have a genuine platform for helping the community.


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Updating soon.